Ultra Air Speed® ventilation system

The intelligent way for controlling the air in the spray booth

  • Reduced work cycle times
  • It controls the air flow and conveys it only where it is needed
  • It adjusts the air volume and thus reduces the total energy consumption
  • Greater comfort for the operator thanks to the solvents removal and to the noise reduction
  • No moving parts inside the spray booth to guarantee a dust-free environment which results in no risk of compromising the surface finish
Main features

Partitioning consists in regulating the power of a system, which produces or consumes energy, reducing the amount of energy required.

Ultra Air Speed controls the partial closing of the spray booth plenum, both in automatic or manual mode.

  • It reduces the air flow which in practice means less energy consumption
  • It intelligently manages the air flow depending on the processing
  • Automatic opening using laser technology (optional)
  • Compliant with UNI 16985
  • Shorter flash / oven phases, it reduces dispersion and consumption
  • Excellent surface finish thanks to the rapid evaporation of solvents, before starting the cross-linking process
  • Compressed-air-operated, no additional running costs