Ease of access and visibility

  • Low heat dispersion outside the spray booth
  • Wider glass surface, more light
  • Maximum ease of access in the spray booth
  • New aesthetics of the front door
  • Increased visibility of the spray booth interior from the outside
Main features

With four wings, with tempered glass. The central wing serves as a service door.

Opening towards the outside, with closing by means of an anti-panic device for the service door, and closing rods for the remaining 3 wings.

“Sandwich” construction, with a steel frame covered with shells, in pre-painted galvanized, PVC film protected steel sheet; white color inside and grey outside.

  • Tempered glass
  • Anti-panic bars delivered as standard
  • Book opening wings
  • Internal reinforcement frame to increase solidity
  • Closing seal placed inside its guide, without using any glue