Frequency drive system

Perfectly optimized operation of the ventilation system while saving energy

  • Energy savings up to 50%
  • Automatic air flow adjustment based on the work phases and on how the spray gun is used
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduction of noise during operation
  • Detailed diagnostics to identify operating errors and problems
Main features

The Blowtherm inverter varies the number of engine revolutions as required for each application, avoiding continuous operation at maximum power.

It regulates the air flow depending on the different work phases (preparation, painting, drying, curing) by combining the adequate air flow and thus drastically reducing consumption.

  • Full control of the motor speed
  • Control of the amount of current absorbed
  • Avoid current surges when the motor starts
  • Reduced maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Automatic control of the pressure inside the spray booth, to prevent the entry of dust and the dispersion of solvents
  • Increased filter capacity maintaining same performance levels