Direct fired burner

A high-efficiency technology for precise temperature control

  • Consumption reduced by 20%
  • It adjusts and accurately maintains temperature
  • Less than 5 minutes to reach the curing temperature
  • Increased production capacity up to 15%
  • Painting / drying cycle time reduced by 20%
Main features

Blowtherm spray booths are designed to use different heating systems: with heat exchanger or direct fired burner, electric resistances, hot or overheated water coils. Blowtherm is the only company that has made the direct fired heating system its strong point:

Thanks to its position, the air is sucked in and mixed by the fan, thus ensuring extreme uniformity of temperature inside the spray booth.

  • Efficiency is close to 100%
  • Gas combustion with very low environmental impact
  • Robust construction and almost maintenance-free
  • Assembled and tested at our factory, certified in Italy
  • Safety sensor to detect the carbon monoxide
  • Dampers for controlling the air / gas percentage
  • Automated system for maintaining the best stoichiometric ratio in any weather condition