Modular and flexible system, suitable for any type of spray booth

  • Suitable for all installation requirement
  • Integrated paint-stop filtering system
  • It simplifies the positioning of the thermoventilation unit (at the side, at the rear, above the plenum)
  • It conveys the air where it is needed thanks to the differentiated holes
Main features

Modular and universal system with integrated filtering system, for good air extraction inside the spray booth.

  • Available load capacities: 800 kg/wheel print – 1.000 kg/wheel print – 4.000kg/wheel print
  • Box structure beams and support feet in galvanized metal sheet
  • Paint-stop filter trays in galvanized metal sheet, for filter support and air intake calibration, placed under the grids
  • Trays with foldable fins to keep the filter raised; duration is increase up to 50%
  • Paint-stop filters placed under the grids (synthetic / paper filters on request)
  • Electrowelded steel grids
  • Possible installation of lifts, also in already delivered spray booths